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Round table discussion on “Draft of Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation”

“Country Water Partnership” scientific, educational NGO held a round-table discussion on development of draft for Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation (APCCA) on the 24th of June in RA Lori marz Municipality (t. Vanadzor). The event was held in the framework of “Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation at Local Level” project financed by European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross.
Specialists of Agriculture and Environment Protection Department of RA Lori marz Municipality, administration heads of Mets Parni, Margahovit and Basen rural communities of RA Lori and Shirak marzes, the members of community councils of the three rural communities, representatives of the Armenian Red Cross Society “Forum East II” project member organizations, representatives of RA Lori and Shirak marzes Aarhus Centers, local NGOs and other experts (ecologists, farmers, foresters and financiers) to take part in the event.
The project was introduced and presentations were made on “Assessment of Vulnerability towards Climate Change in the communities: social survey, results analyses in the three communities”, “Preliminary Assessment of the Three Rural Communities Vulnerability towards Climate Change”. The Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation draft was discussed. It was agreed to carry out an active and mutually beneficial cooperation between all stakeholders during the meeting.

Kura- Araks Basin Protection Day: Common River – Common Opportunities

An environmental event on Kura-Araks Rivers’ Protection Day was held by Country Water Partnership scientific- educational NGO and Lori marz Mets Parni rural administration on the 2nd of June. At the beginning of the event information leaflets and T-shirts with CWP and Kura-Araks Rivers Logos were presented to the students.
The event aimed to inform the high school students on the vital importance of Kura-Araks rivers, to introduce the issues on rivers’ ecosystems preservation, to present the national and transboundary processes and make them the direct participants in environment protection. The participants implemented cleaning works in Trchkan waterfall, emerging from Chichkhan river, a left tributary of the river Pambak, situated in Shirak and Lori regions. The participants cleaned the waterfall green area from garbage. The track of the rural administration later transported the garbage to Spitak landfill.


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