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National seminar “The Wastewater Removal and Treatment Systems Issues and Development Ways”

National seminar was held on “The Wastewater Removal and Treatment Systems Issues and Development Ways” on July 26, at Ani Plaza Hotel. The seminar was held with the support of CWP scientific, educational NGO and JINJ Ltd.
The members of RA inter-department working group for improvement of legal regulation on wastewater removal, formed in accordance with RA Ministry of Nature Protection Order N97-A (representatives of RA Ministry of Nature Protection, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, RA Ministry of Agriculture, RA Public Services Regulatory Commission, “Hayjrnakhagits Institute” CJSC, “JINJ” Ltd, Asian Development Bank ), also representatives of RA Minstry of Health,, RA Minstry of Urban Development, “Yerevan djur” CJSC, “Armenian Water and Sewerage” CJSC, representatives of numerous NGOs , experts and other stakeholders took part in the seminar.
Various speeches were made during the seminar, specifically, E. Mesropyan, the director of “JINJ” Ltd, represented the basics of national strategy for wastewater treatment, the issues and possible solutions in the sector, also, highlighted, the issues on public toilets in Armenia, and possible developments in this sector.
There were speeches and discussions on wastewater removal legal grounds and legal relations, wastewater removal permit, also concerning to the new initiative in nature protection sector – establishment of nature protection funds.

Final seminar on “Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation at local level”

“Country Water Partnership” scientific, ecological NGO held the final seminar within the framework of “Action Plan towards Climate Change Adaptation at Local Level” project on the 22th of July, in "Asparez" Club . The project was financed by the European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross.
The Seminar was attended by the representatives of the Armenian Red Cross, Danish Red Cross, specialists of Agriculture and Environment Protection Departments of the RA Lori and Shirak Marz Municipalities, administrative heads and members of community councils of three rural communities (Basen, Mets Parni, Margahovit), representatives of the Armenian Red Cross Society “Forum East II” project member organizations, representatives of the RA Lori and Shirak marzes’ Aarhus Centers, local NGOs and various experts (ecologists, farmers, foresters, financiers etc.). During the seminar the project, as well as the priority measures for 3 communities were introduced. A. Gabrielyan, the National Coordinator of Climate Change represented “The Paris Agreement, the commitments undertaken by Armenia and NAP process”.
At the end of the Seminar the journalist of “Asparez” newspaper interviewed Arevik Hovsepyan, the CWP president. The article was published in the running issue of the newspaper.


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