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“Let’s be caring for Armenia” 2014 has launched
images1 The organizers of the events are Country Water Partnership NGO, SPRING PR Company and Geological Museum after H. Karapetyan of the Geological Institute under the Academy of Sciences of Armenia.The first meeting was with high school students of N. Safarian and L. Shant Schools, educational complex "Vardanank", which took place in the Geological Museum after H. Karapetyan of the Geological Institute under the ASA.The meeting was also attended by students of the Department of Biochemistry, Biological Faculty of Yerevan State University, as well as school teachers and the museum staff.A report on "Water and Energy" was represented to the participants and their attention was drawn to the studies made within the framework of the World Bank’s “Thirsty Energy” initiative.  Within the framework of the initiative devoted to the World Water Day the start of the photo contest competition on the theme "Water Stories" was announced.
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Commencement of the new programme

GWP Water and Climate Programme on “IWRM as a practical approach to climate change adaptation in Caucasus and Central Asia” has commenced.
The programme will be implemented during 2013- 2015.
The Programme goal is to help countries to systemize their efforts on climate change adaptation using GWP CACENA framework, which promotes power of IWRM as a tool for climate-resilient development.

Outcome of the project will be increased capacity and ability of CACENA region to adapt to climatic variability and increase water security

The anticipated outputs are:

  • Central Asia and Caucasus countries supported in the development of “no/low regret” investments and measures to increase climate resilience and integrate these measures into river basin management plans, other national plans, programmes and, budgets;
  • Solutions in place for addressing critical water security challenges to enhance climate resilience of countries and communities;
  • Knowledge and capacity developed for enhancing water security and climate resilience;
  • Operational GWP network working with strategic allies and stakeholders to integrate water security and climate resilience in the development process.

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