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The second stage of Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant with Application of Alternative Technology in Parakar Community is completed

Since October 2013, within the scope of the “Water, Climate and Development Programme in Central Asia and Caucasus”, Country Water Partnership NGO has implemented a pilot project, within the framework of which the facilities of domestic wastewater treatment plant planned under the second stage of the project were constructed.

The first stage of the pilot project was implemented in 2010-2012, within GEF-SGP.

The second stage of the project, funded by DFID,  was implemented in 2014.

To see the video related to project follow this link:

National Workshop on Alternative Approaches of Urban Wastewater Treatment

Country Water Partnership NGO and its partner JINJ engineering consulting company, a member of GWP network, held a two-day National Workshop on "Alternative Approaches of Urban Wastewater Treatment", on 16-17 October, 2014 in Best Western hotel in Aghveran.

Global Water Partnership Secretariat, Yerevan Djur CJSC and Armenian Water and Sewerage CJSC rendered financial support for the implementation of the Workshop.

The workshop aimed to identify the conditions promoting the application of alternative technologies for urban wastewater treatment in Armenia, as well as the impeding legal, institutional and financial frameworks and to develop ways for creation of a favorable environment in the countries for their introduction and application.


The detailed information about the workshop can be downloaded here.



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