Towards an Integrated Drought Management Strategy in Armenia

Towards an Integrated Drought Management Strategy in Armenia

     “Country Water Partnership” (CWP) scientific ecological NGO, with the  support of the Global Water   Partnership   (GWP), held a workshop on the  topic "Towards an Integrated Drought Management Strategy   in Armenia"  during   September 30 to October 1, 2022 in Dilijan. The workshop was  attended by representatives from interested ministries,   Statistical  Committee,   "ARNAP" Foundation. On the first day of the workshop, GWP  experts Gergana Majercakova,   Laurent-Charles Tremblay   -   Lévesque  presented the "GWP Toolbox" developed by GWP on the online platform,   which also has the possibility of Armenian translation.

   The GWP Toolkit is for anyone interested in implementing better practices or learning more about how   to  improve   water management at a local, national, regional or global level.

  Various tools for management of water resources, droughts, as well as climate-smart development tools for basin plans   were studied.

  With the help of the participants, a study of the challenges of drought management in Armenia was also carried out:

  Through games, participants applied appropriate tools to manage water challenges in water basins and made decisions to protect their communities against water-related disasters.