World Water Day  Why Waste Water?

World Water Day Why Waste Water?

World Water Day Why Waste Water?

“Country Water Partnership” scientific, environmental NGO together with its partner “Sustainable Water Environment” NGO held its regular conference on World Water Day. The  Representatives of governmental organizations (RA MOH, Ministry of Energy infrastructure and natural resources, Ministry of Environment Protection, State Committee of Water System) private sector and civil society, Mass Media (Armenia TV and Public Radio), as well as students and teachers of schools from 5 different communities (43 in total) took part in the event.Conference was held at “Nairi” hall of Ani Plaza Hotel on March 22, 2017. This time the event varied in its format: except the official part, the Conference had also a creative, cultural and colorful part. The Conference was preceded by WWD “Why Waste Water- wastewater as water resource” trainings held for 6-8 grade students of public schools of 5 communities (Yerevan School N155, Nor Kharberd School N2, Spitak town school N2, Gegharkuniq and Margahovit schools). The goal of the trainings was to speak about the most important issues on water and wastewater. The trainers interactively covered the issues on water importance, wasting and pollution of water, the hidden potential of wastewaters and the ways of wastewater reuse. Thematic cartoons were screened after the trainings and the students were tasked to draw thematic pictures to be presented at the Conference scheduled on March 22, 2017.The students of Gegharkuniq village, who were also the members of “Adzdahak” eco-club, greeted the participants of the Conference. They made a presentation on the Lake Sevan, after which introduced they pictures.   Exhibition of paintings “Why Waste Water” of Gegharkuniq, Margahovit, Nor Kharberd,Sptak and Yerevan school children.

The winners were awarded with books. All the participants and teachers were awarded with presents and certificates
After the Conference, the students together with their teachers visited NAS IGS Geological Museum.
The events dedicated to World Water Day tended to raise awareness on water and wastewater issues among students, show the ways the issues are addressed in developed countries. It also aimed to discover the students’ perception of wastewater issues and how they picture the perceptions in their drawings.
CWP values the development of wastewater treatment process in Armenia, if considered, that the country has joined UN sustainable development goals, where 6.3 Goal obliges to improve water quality till 2030, by reducing the number of untreated wastewater, significantly increasing the safe process of wastewater treatment and reuse of treated wastewater.