About us

About us

The Country Water Partnership was established as the partner of Global Water Partnership (GWP) in Armenia.

The World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) established the Global Water Partnership Network still in 1996.


The mission of the Global Water Partnership is to "support countries in the sustainable management of their water resources."

The GWP’s objective is to reach global water safety as an input into through poverty eradication, welfare improvement and protection of natural resources

The GWP’s goal is to support in introduction and development of integrated water resources management in countries, involving the public in the process, providing equity, efficiency and sustainability in water resources management process.


During the Regional Stakeholder Conference in February 2002 in Almati (Kazakhstan), the Central Asia (five countries) and South Caucasus regions (three countries) became members of GWP.

Country Water Partnership (CWP) in Armenia was founded in 2005 as a network of interested organization.




As a GWP member, the organization, cooperating with regional GWP CACENA, organizes round tables, holds national seminars and conferences devoted to the issues of introducing and implementing IWRM for creation of organizational potential for the development of IWRM planning national process. It publishes and disseminates information leaflets.

The organization implements projects which are focused on efficient use and integrated management of water resources, climate change adaptation and sustainable development of communities. 

The organization develops, translates and publishes training manuals and guidelines on water resources management and protection process.